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Monitor, analyze, and optimize your marketing performance
metrics all in one centralized dashboard.

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How does the Dashboard Work?


Customize your Dashboard

Set up and customize metrics order for your specific needs. Drag-and-drop to move any metric and pin important items.


Monitor Data

Explore your data for actionable insights. This data give you a valuable understanding of your performance metrics to make informed decisions.


Optimize Marketing Efforts

This data can be used to create targeted marketing campaigns and improve your overall marketing efforts.

The Full Picture, In Real-Time, Anywhere

Discover how its features can enhance your performance, empower you to manage your data effectively, and propel your business growth.


Consolidated Metrics

  • Streamline the collection of vital business metrics, bringing them together in a single location.
  • Save valuable time by minimizing data management efforts and focus on utilizing the insights to fuel your business growth.

Comparative Creative Analysis

  • Our Comparative Creative Analysis feature allows you to gain insights into top-performing ad creatives and copy across all channels.
  •  This allows you to optimize your campaigns effectively.

Product Comparisons

  • In the user-friendly product comparison feature, you can view your top-performing products side by side.

Fully Customizable Views

  • Create your tailored marketing dashboard effortlessly, bringing together all your essential data in one sleek interface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore More features

Find out more about what our platform can do by checking out all the extra features available.


Analyze ad performance and make data-driven decisions.

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Understand your campaign's attribution and customer journey to boost ROI.

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Customer Journey

Gain a clear understanding of your customer touchpoints. 

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