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2024 Software Showdown: Growify vs. Cometly



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Incorporating third-party attribution software into your brand’s tech stack can significantly improve your data and conversion tracking. Choosing an effective multi-touch attribution tool like Growify and Cometly can drive meaningful results for your campaigns.

In this article, we’ll compare Growify and Cometly to identify their pricing structure and features. With this information, we hope all marketers can choose the right multi-touch attribution partner to grow your brand and achieve optimal campaign performance.

Growify Overview

Growify’s marketing automation feature transforms your marketing strategy. Our software offers intuitive automation capabilities that enable businesses to deploy marketing campaigns, ensuring timely and relevant customer engagement. Automating repetitive tasks not only saves valuable time but also ensures accuracy and consistency in your marketing efforts.

Additionally, Growify’s automation tools provide actionable insights through data analytics. This empowers businesses to enhance customer experiences, improve engagement, and drive higher ROI with less manual effort.

The creative tracker feature for Growify.

Growify Features

From consolidated metrics to comparative creative analysis, Growify provides a comprehensive toolkit. Let’s check out some key features that set this software apart.

  • Consolidated Metrics: Our software streamlines the collection of vital business metrics and brings them together in a single location. You can save valuable time by minimizing data management efforts and focusing on utilizing the insights to fuel your business growth.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution: You can track the customer journey and identify which touchpoints impacted conversion. Growify’s multi-touch attribution feature gives you an accurate and comprehensive view of your customer’s interactions with your brand.
  • Comparative Creative Analysis: This feature gives you a comprehensive view of top-performing ad creatives and copy across all channels, side by side.
  • Fully Customizable Views: You can create a tailored marketing dashboard to combine all your essential data in one sleek interface. This allows you to prioritize the metrics that matter most to your business across all channels.
  • Visual Journey Maps: You can analyze user behavior patterns and actions at each customer journey stage. Gain insights into which interactions drive engagement and which drop-off points may require attention.
  • Customized Integrations: We offer a wide range of pre-built integrations and connectors, allowing you to connect with popular marketing tools easily. You can also use our robust API and developer resources to create custom integrations for a personalized marketing ecosystem.

What is Cometly?

Cometly is a data visualization company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since its inception in 2021, Cometly has positioned itself as a leader in attribution, especially in Facebook ad campaigns. Their software allows users to track, analyze, and scale ad campaigns easily and efficiently. By providing better ad attribution, analytics, and decision-making insights, Cometly is a solid choice for those seeking to profit from their campaign efforts.

The dashboard feature for Cometly.

Cometly Key Features

Cometly and Growify have many similar features, so you need to research each software to find the best one for your brand needs. It features an all-in-one attribution tracker that helps brands manage all their ads in one place. Along with this helpful feature, Cometly also offers the following: 

  • Comet Ads Manager: This feature analyzes the attribution data in your ad campaign. This helps track your ROI and toggle ads on or off in the Comet Ads Manager. The Comet Pixel also ensures 100% accuracy with the Comet Pixel to ensure effective scaling and optimization. 
  • Event Tracking: Cometly allows you to track specific events throughout the marketing funnel. This will enable you to allocate your budget correctly and attribute events back to the correct ads based on their tracking data. 
  • Conversion API: Users can enhance ad optimization through Cometly’s Conversion API. The AI provides precise data and improves targeting and conversion optimization. 
  • Platform Overview: Brands can utilize server-side tracking to ensure accurate attribution. This allows you to bypass limitations such as iOS14 and ad blockers. The platform overview also returns event data to ad platforms to provide more effective campaigns. 

Factors to Consider

Price is always a significant consideration when choosing a multi-touch attribution tool. Luckily, both Growify and Cometly offer dynamic pricing for their services. Cometly has three prices to choose from. The options include:

  • Starter $500/month: This plan is for smaller teams trying to gain momentum in their niche. It is ideal for businesses that have 100,000 events per month on their site. The starter plan also includes one user and one workplace.
  • Growth $1,000/month: This middle option is suitable for sites with 200,000 events per month. It also includes access for five users and five workspaces. 
  • Enterprise $5,000/month: The most comprehensive plan is for large businesses with over one million monthly events. Along with base features, it also includes advanced API access, priority support, and a solutions engineer. 

The Ads Manager feature for Cometly

Growify’s pricing is slightly more affordable than Cometly. Because of this, Growify is often the go-to choice for smaller businesses looking to harness their attribution efforts. Unlike Cometly, Growify offers a 20% discount on their monthly prices if you choose an annual plan. Growify offers four pricing tiers, which include: 

  • Starter $299/month: This plan is suitable for sites with up to 10,000 monthly visitors. It also includes all of the Growify features. 
  • Scale $499/month: Scale is the most popular pricing option for brands who are looking to expand. This plan is perfect for sites with up to 50,000 monthly visitors. 
  • Pro $799/month: The Pro plan is best for established businesses with up to 100,000 monthly visitors
  • Enterprise Custom/month: If your site has over 100,000 monthly visitors, Growify will create a custom pricing plan for your business, depending on your brand’s needs. 

So, Which One to Choose?

Cometly and Growify offer similar features and amenities, so the deciding factor may come down to price. Growify is significantly cheaper than Cometly, so if your brand tries to keep costs down but data hygiene tight, Growify may be your best bet. 

When making significant decisions for your brand, like choosing a multi-touch attribution tool, it’s essential to do your research. Each software offers many features but may not always align with your data goals. Ultimately, the choice between Cometly and Growify hinges on balancing cost-effectiveness with meeting your specific data needs and objectives. If you want to learn more about Growify, please contact us for more information.

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