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2024 Software Showdown: Growify vs. Northbeam



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Attribution software is the secret sauce for companies looking to track their engagement. Marketing attribution software can track a customer from their first click to purchase. Several software options are available, but choosing the right one can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll explore two of the best attribution softwares available: Growify and Northbeam.

Growify Overview

Growify provides marketers with in-depth insights into channel performance and aims to simplify the data process and streamline everyday tasks. Utilizing advanced data analysis, Growify accurately attributes conversions to relevant touchpoints, offering valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing channels and campaigns. Its intuitive interface and robust reporting capabilities facilitate data-driven decision-making, empowering marketers to optimize advertising strategies for optimal ROI.

The budget dashboard for Growify, one of the best attribution software.

Pros and Cons of Growify

One of Growify’s key strengths lies in its all-in-one dashboard. This dashboard offers a detailed performance analysis across channels. Additionally, Growify boasts several valuable features:

  • Metrics Consolidation: Centralize vital business metrics for streamlined data management.
  • Multi-Touch Attribution: Track the entire customer journey to identify impactful touchpoints.
  • Creative Analysis: Compare top-performing ad creatives and copy across channels.
  • Product Insights: Gain valuable performance insights with easy product comparisons.
  • Customizable Views: Tailor marketing dashboards to prioritize essential metrics.
  • Visual Journey Maps: Analyze customer behavior patterns and interactions.
  • Budget Insights: Gain a holistic view of budget utilization and performance.
  • Custom Integrations: Seamlessly connect with popular platforms like Shopify and Instagram.

Despite being an effective attribution software, Growify does have its limitations. Those new to data analysis or marketing attribution may find the initial learning process daunting. However, with adequate training and support, this obstacle can be overcome, unlocking the full potential of Growify for campaign optimization.

Northbeam Overview

Founded in 2019, Northbeam aims to address the growing demand for comprehensive solutions that streamline omnichannel strategies. Since its inception, Northbeam has remained committed to equipping marketers with advanced tools and insights. With its innovative approach and dedication to data-driven results, Northbeam continues to make waves in the industry as a trusted partner for marketers worldwide.

From omnichannel planning to creative analytics, Northbeam is a dependable ally in navigating the marketing world. With its emphasis on forecasting, analysis, and optimization, Northbeam empowers users to maximize ROI across channels.

The Northbeam home page.

Northbeam Key Features

Northbeam offers features to empower marketers with precise forecasting, meticulous analysis, and optimized campaign management. Let’s delve in:

  • Omnichannel Planning: Northbeam enables users to forecast gains and understand budget impacts across channels. Additionally, it provides access to dynamic outputs in an interactive dashboard.
  • Cross-channel Attribution: With Northbeam, marketers can utilize first-party data to gain insights into the customer journey. Marketers can analyze performance from channels to specific ads. This offers the ability to scale ads confidently with real-time data.
  • Creative Analytics: Northbeam allows users to filter and sort creatives across channels based on metrics. It facilitates the identification of effective patterns using multiple attribution models and third and first-party data sources.

Factors to Consider

Both Growify and Northbeam offer various pricing options to cater to different business needs. Growify’s monthly pricing starts at $300 for small businesses and scales up to $799 for established brands. This provides a flexible range of options for marketers at different stages. 

In contrast, Northbeam offers a starter pack at $1,000 monthly for early-stage brands with up to 1 million page views. They also offer a “Professional” level, demanding the highest data quality for $2,500 monthly. When deciding between the two, businesses should weigh the pricing options against their budget constraints and the data sophistication required for their campaigns.

So, Which One to Choose?

When choosing between Growify and Northbeam, several factors merit consideration to ensure the selection aligns with your marketing objectives. Growify’s intuitive interface and robust reporting capabilities make it an attractive option for marketers seeking a user-friendly solution for campaign optimization. However, Northbeam’s advanced machine learning and pixel tracking technology position it as a heavyweight tool suited for online businesses and enterprise-level clients.

The Northbeam dashboard for attribution software.


The comparison between Growify and Northbeam highlights two distinct approaches to addressing marketing challenges. Growify appeals to a broad spectrum of businesses with its flexible pricing options and user-friendly interface, making it an ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and affordability. Conversely, Northbeam targets businesses with more advanced data needs with its sophisticated features. Regardless of your choice, both Growify and Northbeam have the potential to boost your conversions and provide you with accurate attribution like never before.

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