Growify.ai Product Roadmap

Q3 2024

July 2024

  • Feature Release: WordPress WooCommerce Integration
    • Description: Launch integration with WooCommerce to allow users to seamlessly manage and optimize their e-commerce operations directly from the Growify.ai platform.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Centralized management of WooCommerce store data.
      • Enhanced reporting and analytics.
      • Automated marketing campaigns based on WooCommerce sales data.
    • Milestones:
      • Complete API integration.
      • Beta testing with select users.
      • Full rollout with support documentation and tutorials.

August 2024

  • Feature Release: BigCommerce Integration
    • Description: Introduce integration with BigCommerce, enabling users to streamline their e-commerce workflows and enhance performance through Growify.ai’s advanced tools.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Synchronization of BigCommerce data with Growify.ai.
      • Advanced analytics and insights specific to BigCommerce stores.
      • Integration of marketing automation tailored to BigCommerce.
    • Milestones:
      • API integration finalization.
      • Initial testing phase with early adopters.
      • Official launch with comprehensive guides and support.

September 2024

  • Feature Enhancement: Multi-channel Marketing
    • Description: Expand multi-channel marketing capabilities to include new channels and improve user experience.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Broader reach with additional marketing channels.
      • Enhanced user interface for managing multi-channel campaigns.
      • Improved tracking and reporting features.
    • Milestones:
      • User feedback collection and analysis.
      • Development of new channel integrations.
      • User training and resource updates.

Q4 2024

October 2024

  • Feature Release: TikTok Integration
    • Description: Launch integration with TikTok to empower users to create, manage, and optimize TikTok advertising campaigns directly from Growify.ai.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Direct access to TikTok ad creation and management tools.
      • Advanced analytics for TikTok campaign performance.
      • Seamless integration with existing marketing automation workflows.
    • Milestones:
      • API integration completion.
      • Beta testing with a select group of users.
      • Full deployment with user guides and support materials.

November 2024

  • Feature Release: Amazon Integration
    • Description: Implement integration with Amazon to allow users to manage their Amazon seller accounts and advertising campaigns from Growify.ai.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Consolidated management of Amazon sales data and advertising.
      • Enhanced reporting and analytics for Amazon sellers.
      • Automated campaign optimization based on Amazon performance metrics.
    • Milestones:
      • Completion of API integration.
      • Initial testing with a pilot group of users.
      • Official release with detailed documentation and training sessions.

December 2024

  • Platform Optimization and User Feedback Integration
    • Description: Focus on platform optimization and incorporating user feedback to enhance overall performance and user satisfaction.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Improved platform stability and speed.
      • Enhanced user experience based on feedback.
      • Implementation of user-requested features and improvements.
    • Milestones:
      • Comprehensive user feedback collection.
      • Prioritization and implementation of key improvements.
      • Final testing and deployment of optimizations.

Q1 2025

January 2025

  • Feature Enhancement: Advanced AI and Machine Learning Capabilities
    • Description: Introduce advanced AI and machine learning features to provide users with deeper insights and predictive analytics.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Improved predictive analytics for sales and marketing performance.
      • Enhanced AI-driven recommendations for campaign optimization.
      • Advanced reporting features utilizing machine learning insights.
    • Milestones:
      • Development of AI and machine learning algorithms.
      • Testing with a focus group of users.
      • Full-scale implementation and user training.

February 2025

  • Feature Release: Cross-Platform Analytics Dashboard
    • Description: Launch a comprehensive cross-platform analytics dashboard to provide users with a holistic view of their performance across all integrated platforms.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Unified dashboard for easy monitoring of performance metrics.
      • Cross-platform comparison and insights.
      • Customizable reporting options.
    • Milestones:
      • Development of the unified analytics dashboard.
      • Beta testing and feedback collection.
      • Official launch with training and support resources.

March 2025

  • User Engagement and Community Building
    • Description: Focus on building a strong user community and enhancing user engagement through forums, webinars, and user groups.
    • Key Benefits:
      • Increased user engagement and satisfaction.
      • Enhanced knowledge sharing and support among users.
      • Regular feedback loops for continuous improvement.
    • Milestones:
      • Launch of user forums and community groups.
      • Regularly scheduled webinars and training sessions.
      • Active engagement and support from the Growify.ai team.

This roadmap outlines our strategic plan to integrate with key e-commerce and marketing platforms, enhance our AI capabilities, and improve overall user experience. Our goal is to provide Growify.ai users with powerful tools to optimize their business performance and achieve their growth objectives.